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Who am I ? How can I talk about all these stuffs? Well, seventy percent of what I am gonna talk here are my own  experiences and the lessons I learned from them.Those are the results of years of sufferings and reading. Rest of the thirty percent are the result of putting my self into the shoes of people around me. I strongly  believe that your experiences and lessons from life are the only things which you can pass on to your loved ones with a guarantee that nobody will be able to take it away from them. Sharing is the only way of keep on learning which is what life is all about. 

On The Road

How to backpack in Kathmandu - Nepal with a budget below rupees 5000?.How to be the best version of yourself? What is spirituality? what is love and what is the meaning of life? what is mindfulness and how to practice personalized meditation?

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Hey there,Please do keep in touch with me.Do send in your quires, stories and videos. I like to hear from you.

How to Be The Best Version of Yourself-12 Tips I Learned From Life

 First step towards the best version your self is to spent some time all alone with your self having a reflection on your life.

Just think about all those people and experiences which filled with a sense joy without any particular reasons. Those are your kind of things.

” Always find a why to live for. He who has a why to live for can always bear with any How”says Viktor Frankel in his book’ Man’s search for meaning’.

Life is all about facing problems and making choices. Facing problems will create our wisdom and courage and it’s our ability to face problems of life makes us a success or failure in life.

Your experiences and lessons  you learned from life are the only things which you can pass on to your loved ones with a guarantee that no one will take it away from them. 


Viktor Frankl

" Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now". - Man's search for meaning.

Jack Kerouac

" There was nowhere to go but everywhere. So just keep on rolling Under the stars". - On the road.

Harper Lee

" You are not special Jean Louise. But the world needs more like you". - Go set a watchman.

Viktor Frankl

" Always have a why to live for.Don't ashamed of your tears,for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage.The courage to suffer. " - Man's search for meaning.

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