Hi, I am Sarath Philip Jee, a backpacker from Kerala in India.

Everything I ever knew as my life, my identity ceased making sense when the doctor told me that I was suffering from cerebral palsy. My body had stopped growing. Whenever tried to make a move I felt like someone is poking thousands of needles all over my body. I can’t walk, stand or even do my simple job.

I spent the next few days on my bed waiting for sleep or death. But nothing happened. I somehow grabbed my backpack and made it to the train which was heading towards Jaipur, in Rajasthan.

A few days passed. I was sitting in a wonderful dessert in Rajasthan called Sam Sand Dunes sipping my beers watching the best sunset of my life. Hundreds of people we’re having a great time around me.

Most of them never even heard about things which I have been told as “the must to have a successful life.” Still, they were living life to the fullest no matter what. At that very moment, I realised that “life is not about what happened to us, it is all about how we choose to react to what happens to us”.

That’s what makes us mortals and immortals at the same time.

Everything we ever need is always within us. We just need to accept it, surrender ourselves to the universe. The moment we stop looking for outside validation life will start making sense. Choose a semicolon, not a full stop.