13 reasons Why life is tough for some people?

What makes our life tough? First of all, does life really is unfair to some people? It’s not the life, it’s we who makes our life what it is. Because it’s the way we react to what happens in our life is what make our life what it is. Recommended reading: https://tearingshoes.com/how-to-be-the-best-version-of-yourself/ Finally, It’s your ability to face your pain is what to decide where we end up in life. Most important factors which make our life tough can be broadly classified into two:

  1. What Happens in our life (Things which we can’t control) and
  2. How we choose to react to what happens in our life ( Things which we can control)

There are many factors in our life, which we can’t control. These things include the quality of parenting we received, our health and looks, the culture of our society and the belief system which had been passed on into our system or life etc. are examples of some factors which we may feel like we have no control upon. But, the fact is that we have the power to decide whether to let those factors control us or to take the control of our life into our own hand by deciding how to react to what happens to us.

Following are the factors which decides where we end up in life:

Purpose of life

As Viktor Frankl says, ” It’s not about what we want from life. It’s about what life wants from us.” There is no such thing as a good or bad experience. Those are the way of the universe to teach us the lessons of life. Life becomes tough if we don’t choose to learn from life. Then life will choose even difficult path for us until we learn what life wants us to learn from it. So, it’s our inability to learn from life is what make life tough.

Quality of parenting

Parents are the living gods for a child. It’s the quality of parenting we received which determine how we form our world view. An infant’s or a child’s interaction with its parents, particularly with his\ her mother is the bases on which a child will develop his identity and belief system.

Culture and belief system plays a major role in making life tough for you

Our beliefs shape our world. Society is the main determining factor around which we develop our belief system about money, relationships, family, our political and religious ideology during our childhood. Our friends, the books we read, the quality of education we received all have a great impact on our life. The movies and arts we are exposed to even can affect our life. We tend to believe what most people around us believe, especially, during our Childhood.

The burning desire for success

Napoleon Hill says a burning desire for success is what the first thing you need for success in life. A burning desire is a clear and definite understanding of what we want and how much we want from life. It’s a clear cut understanding of how to achieve (a plan) and what we are ready to give up for it.

The most important fact about a burning desire is our complete belief in our goal. You have to stick onto your goal until you achieve it, no matter how long it takes and how impossible it may look like. It’s this burning desire which helps people to overcome their limitations like bad childhood experiences, lack of health or cultural limitations.

It’s this same burning desire, which helped people like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and Elon Musk to keep going make their dreams into reality. It is the lack of burning desire what make life tough for some people

Always be in search of the next big idea

Lack of out of the box thinking is a main reason why people find life to be tough

A good idea is all we need for success in life. All the successful people have a common characteristic of the never-ending search for the next big idea so that they can take action on it. All the development we are enjoying now, first born in the mind of a visionary. Life becomes tough for some people because they choose to live in a closed box. So they are failing to move forward in life. Read more on out of the box thinking here: https://www.wikihow.com/Think-%27Outside-of-the-Box%27

Never say die attitude

An idea alone won’t take you anywhere in life. Reason for most of the failure is the inability of a person to keep going at the face of failures. All the successful people have to go through countless failures before they even go near to success. Life becomes unfair or tough for some people because most people don’t have the strength to keep going at the face of unintended results or failures.

Life will become tough for you if you have an outdated world view

Life is ever changing. No knowledge is perfect. So to be successful we need to keep on learning for life long. You have to keep on updating yourself. It requires us to continue exposing our self to the rest of the world. We have to give up a certain part of our system while accepting a new and better idea into our system to be successful. Life will become tough for you if you fail to keep on updating your world view and able to see the ever-expanding opportunity for growth.

Your life will become tough if you fill your life with the wrong people

The world is filled with ‘ no – sayers’. You will find life to be very tough if you fill yourself with negative people. They don’t believe in work. So they will have a straight no for anything which requires them to go out of their comfort zone. No matter how hard we try, our life will be affected by the people around us. So make sure that you are filling your life with the right kind of people who always looking for an opportunity to grow.

Life will be tough if you don’t appreciate what you have in your hand

The feeling of gratitude along with forgiveness is the two of the most important pillars of a successful life. Be grateful for everything in your life. Because there is no such thing as a good or bad experience in life. There are only lessons. Each and every person who comes to your life are the tools of the universe. So be thankful for everyone for making you who you are. As a part of your morning routine, find something every day, to be grateful for. It will change your life for good.

Fill yourself with gratefulness and life will fill you with happiness in return. Watch this great video by Trent Shelton to understand the importance of being grateful in life: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2458376694181077

Ideological blindness will make life tough for you

Don’t allow any person or belief or ideology to stand in the way of your spiritual growth. One of the most important factors which are making life tough for people now is ideological blindness. Nothing good will ever stop you from attaining personal growth. No good ideology will ever ask you to hurt or kill another person.

Lack of good habits

Lack of knowledge about how to use your free time is the one big thing which will make life tough for you. You will become what you think. But you are what you do, not says. So to be successful you have to fill your life with productive habits.

Fear to go out of the comfort zone

If you look at the greatest achievers in life you will find one thing in common – they all are risk takers. They always keep on pushing their boundaries. if you are afraid of failures then you will never taste success in life. Because failures are the stepping stones to success. Always look to go out of your comfort zone. Because that’s where greatness lies.

Be independent and emotionally mature

Lack of self-love is the biggest factor which will make life tough for you. Don’t depend on future results or other people for your success or happiness. The source of your success and happiness should come from within you. Naver makes other people accountable for neither your success nor your happiness. Because we can’t control the future or what other people feel about us.

Emotional maturity has two sides. First of all, we have to accept our responsibilities in life and keep on working. The second and as important another side of the emotional maturity is to realize that you are not responsible for anything and everything which is going wrong in your life. This kind of thought process is not only a neurosis disorder but it is one of the big factors which is making life tough for you.

Life is full of opportunity for growth. The world is full of love and happiness. There are people and forces which is making life difficult or tough. But the proper understanding of these thirteen factors will help you to move on and achieve whatever you want from life ever. Once you start looking at life as a big opportunity it will cease being tough for you.

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