What is Forgiveness? How Does it Change Your Life in 11 Magical Ways?

Forgiveness is the magical drug which can turn your experiences into your strength and your wisdom.

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How to Be the Best Version of Yourself?

Life is simple and beautiful. Really? Well, there can be one reason why you can’t get this int

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How does the Amazing Dhanushkodi Become the Mysterious Abandoned Land of India?

Dhanushkodi is the abandoned town of India located on the southeastern end of Rameshwaram island in

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The blame game will make you powerless and helpless in life

12 Reasons Why you Should Eliminate the Blame Game from your Life

Our life is our own creation. The blame game destroys lives; not only yours but also those of everyo

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Millions are now coming out in support of Greta Thunbergof

Why We all Should Become A Greta Thunberg Now?

Firstly I came to know about Greta Thunberg one year back. Just a few months after she started her p

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Self-love will provide you to walk through path of learning and consciousness

21 ways in which self-love will empower you: A complete guide on self-love

Self-love will set you free from all kinds of self-judgments, criticism and your need for appreciati

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Gokarna beach is were we started our Gokarna beach treak

What Makes Gokarna Beach Trek a Once in a Lifetime Experience?

I end up completing Gokarna Beach Trek twice within the last three years. If you compare beaches in

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The sculptures of Hoysaleswara and Shanthaleswara at Hoysaleswara temple Halebeedu

8 Archaeological Wonders Which Make Halebeedu The Hidden Gem of India

I really don’t have any idea on what to expect when I decided to visit Halebeedu and Belur 

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Loneliness will teach you to go out of of your comfort zone. It will show you who you really are

16 profound life lessons which loneliness will teach you

Loneliness, self- reflection and life auditing are the biggest tool in your hand to become the best

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Spirituality – the journey to the ultimate wisdom of the unconscious mind through forgiveness and mindfulness practices

Spirituality is the process of developing a complete sense of awareness. It is a stage – where

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