I am Sarath Philip Jee, a 31- year-old man from Kerala in India. I am just one of those who likes to pick up their backpack and keep moving. My doctor is saying that I am suffering from cerebral palsy and as against the normal conditions it’s getting worse with time.Except for the last few years, all I had been doing was to try to fit in. I have been a good boy turned into a bad boy.I was known as a good student. Then, as usual, proved to be a a bad performer in life.I got and lost a good job in a  growing company. Then I tried my luck with all the odd opportunities came my way and messed up big time. My body was getting weak along side. Now, this was too much and I hit the rock bottom. Then life has thrown the biggest opportunity in my way in the form of depression.I grab it with both hands. I took my break from the rat run for ever. I stepped back, observed and learned my lessons. Now I know that all one has to do is find the people, experiences and place which suits him/ her  to be the best version of oneself.

      So here I am on the road,where I can  always true to my self. This blog is a place to share the lessons we learn and experiences we have. So, here it’s all about staying true to oneself rather than being perfect. This is about the journey than the destination.Let’s keep moving and see where life is taking us.  

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