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7 simple steps to eliminate limiting beliefs from your life

7 simple steps to eliminate limiting beliefs from your life

As we have discussed in the last weak, one of the most important steps to become the best version of your self is eliminate limiting beliefs. Our all or nothing thinking along with lack of self- love and the need for outside validation are the main constrains which is preventing you from having a successful life.

My limiting beliefs stoped me for almost twenty-eight long years from going forth in life. Moreover, they pushed me through the most painful periods of personality crisis, anxiety, depression and meaninglessness. However, now I am not only learning my lessons but also know that it’s my calling to turn my mess into my message.

That’s why I decide to note down all these simple, clear and precise steps in eliminating limiting beliefs :

To eliminate limiting beliefs you must know them first

Limiting beliefs are any kind of thoughts, feelings or statements which we choose to believe as truth, which is stopping you from going forth and become a successful person in life. AS we already discussed in the previous weak – they may be conscious or subconscious in nature.

In my cause, while I was going through the depression and self-doubts, the very first exercise which was given by the therapist was to do comprehensive research on cognitive thinking patterns or limiting beliefs. And I was l was literally shell shocked to know that there were more than fifty kinds of cognitive thinking errors and most of them were part of me throughout my life.

If you ever want to work on anything or anyone for that matter, first of all, you must know it in deep without any judgement. That’s is called awareness. That’s why having a comprehensive understanding of it is important to eliminate limiting beliefs out of your life.

Be honest and accept it

Therefore, in order to eliminate your limiting beliefs, first of all, you need to honest and note down all of those black and white thinking patterns which are within you. Because the prime solution to any problem is to accept it is there.

How ever, acceptance doesn’t mean analysing or judging. It’s all about knowing yourself for who you are being. This is very important. Because analysing your problem while you are still attached to it will only trigger the situations which created those problems in the first place.

In my limiting beliefs goes like this:

  • I am like all foam and no beer. A lot of sound without any actions. I came to know about the presence of this one when one of my friend Isabell spotted it read handed and ask me to stop doing it.
  • I am a loser and I will end up wasting my life like my father.
  • Relationships are not my cup of tea.
  • I am just a lazy spoiled rat who is always trying to avoide responsibility and work.

The list can go on for ever. But I hope you get the point.

Tracing down the origin is very important to eliminate limiting beliefs

Outside factors like family, classmates, colleagues, news media and our culture and society play a big role in injecting all or nothing beliefs into our system. Childhood traumas, painful past experiences and destructive meaning-making mechanisms are the other major sources of limiting beliefs out there.

Internet is all about celebrating extremes. Social media is all about filtering out either extreme failures or extreme success. All of this is creating a very dangerous sense among the mob. It’s saying being ordinary is waisting of life. Because of all this to the majority, they are losers. That’s why it’s the need of our to trace down and eliminate your limiting beliefs.

In my cause, I had a very traumatic childhood. I was always over-cautious about not to be like my father. How ever, in life, if you try too hard to avoid something most of the time you will end up being it.

I was always trying to fit in. Because I was always been told to” be like them”. So my whole life was being someone else. In all this worthless run, I ended having a fake personality and no clear visions. That’s where all my limiting beliefs and self- bulling originated from.

The best way to eliminate your limiting beliefs is to start looking for proofs

Once you understand those limiting beliefs which are holding you back start looking for evidence for the possibility of they being true or not. Start asking questions. Once you do this most of those self- limiting thoughts will start meltdown by themselves.

Eliminate limiting beliefs to set you free

You will understand that being wrong is okay. Because that’s where the real learning will begin. Once you start to look around, you will understand that winning is all about kept going till you make it. These realisations will eliminate limiting beliefs which you used to carry one by one. They will make their way to optimism.

Were self-love and forgiveness like a battle shield

In my journey to eliminate limiting beliefs, getting to know new people played a vital role. I understand that everyone and everything has a place here. Everyone is acting at their best knowledge. Travelling and reading made me realise all this.

Most of us never go out of our so-called comfort zone. That’s why eliminating our limiting beliefs may look an impossible task. We must keep filling our system with new prospectives. Because life is all about finding the right place for you. Because there are only very few tools out there like forgiveness and self-love which will take you forth in life.

Talk to yourself until you get it

Knowing and understanding are two very different things. That’s where most of us do miss out. Anything you know has to become your second nature. That’s where the real changes begin.

According to Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, There are no better tools than auto-suggestions and affirmations to eliminate your limiting beliefs.

Rephrasing is the best possible way to eliminate your limiting beliefs

According to CristieMorrie Sheldon, the renowned energy healer, to eliminate limiting beliefs, you have to reach a stage where you can think about your past wounds which resulted in this belief without getting stressed. Then you to rephrase them with the support of evidence and questions.

For instance, in my cause I rephrased my negative thoughts into:

  • Thanks to my father’s experiences that I learned my lessons.
  • Thanks to my urge to keep on going, no matter what I am adding values to a lot of other people and that of mine.
  • I haven’t found my cup of tea maybe, but that’s what makes me keep on learning.

That’s what is going to make the best version of yourself.

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5 months ago

Great, encouraging post!

5 months ago

It is so important to learn about our limiting beliefs. The growth that we can experience is worth the pain and confusion as we work through them.

5 months ago

Really enjoyed your article – especially

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