How to start from nothing in life? 14 practical steps to achieve a successful life.

How to start from nothing in life and achieve everything you ever wanted? There is 3 main secret for a successful life:

  • Every So-called failure in life brings with it, the seeds of an equivalent or greater success. Therefore, we have to develop the capacity to accept and analyse our failures to understand the secret of success every small failure carries with it.
  • To be successful in life, we have to keep on learning. Nore life, neither the great masters of life reveal the secrets of life easily. Life wants us to work along with it.
  • Never quit. Always keep going. Life never disappoints people who refuse to stay down. However, you are the master of your life. Its always up to you to decide how you choose to react to life. Recommended reading:

Proper understanding of these secrets along with the following 14 practical steps will help you to answer the question – how to start from nothing in life?

Having a great morning routine is important to start from nothing in life

Add some productive habit to your life especially to your morning routine

First of all, everything starts in the morning – even our life itself. So if you are looking to start from nothing in life, start right away with your morning routine. But why so? because a positive start to your day will automatically prepare you for a great start for life itself. Once your morning becomes great, it will fill you with confidence and positivity. Here are some good habits to add to your morning routine:

  • Be an early riser – We got a long way to go.
  • Make your bed – it will make your day.
  • Take a cold shower – It’s biological refreshment process.
  • Meditate – There is everything in it.
  • Gratitude walk – will fill you with happiness.
  • Read
  • Finally please don’t touch your phone for the first one our of the day.

First one our of the day is the most productive hours of your life. It’s the most important tool to prepare for a great start for a great life.

Looking to start from scratch in life? cut out at least some those bad habits

What is a bad habit? It’s anything in your life which is an unproductive activity. But what does it has to do with starting life from nothing? Well first of all, once you cut down those unproductive part from your life you will have more time to do productive things in life. Secondly, most of those habits trigger an unwanted guilty feeling to our mind. Finally and most importantly, successful withdrawing of these bad habit along with a great morning routine will give you a great feeling of control in life. This feeling will work as a great force which will help you in your quest of finding an answer to the question of how to start life from nothing.

Find an area in your life where your interest meets your skills

Modern Psychology like logotherapy says that our unconscious mind knows everything about us. Above all, it knows about who we are and what is the purpose of our life. As a result, our unconscious wisdom is continuously trying to direct us towards our own best self. That’s why ‘the dream life of ours’ is keep coming back into our consciousness every now and then.

So there is only one way to be successful – just answer to the call of life. So if you want to find the answer to the question of how to start from nothing in life? then you have to find that area where your interest meets your skills. Because that is where your call is.

Try and recollect those things and people which had filled you with an unconditional joy for no reason. Life auditing is the way or tool for this. Know more about life auditing here:

Take some time and learn some skills related to the area you choose

Once you choose the area of your interest, now you have to put some time in improving your skills in that area. It will take some research, efforts and learning. It’s also during this time, where you have to decide where and how you are going to apply your skills. Following two steps will also help you in your learning process.

Confused about how to start from nothing in life? – Go on and read as much as you can

Reading will give you new ideas and ideas will help you to start from nothing in life

Reading will open up new or unexplored areas of your life and personality. It will give new dimensions to your thinking process. Reading will give you new ideas. One great idea is what all it takes for a successful life. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is the best book ever for you there, if you are looking start from nothing in life.


Travelling will bring you out of your comfort zone. It will expand your outlook towards life. It will make you grow as a person. New Experiences will help you keep going.

Set a measurable goal in your area of interest.

It is the most important stage if you are looking to start from nothing in life. In the words of Napoleon Hill, a goal should be a burning desire for success.

A goal should be measurable as to what, how much and when you want to achieve. No matter what happens, you should believe in your goal and ready to work on it until it is achieved. Your goal should be clear and definite. Read this article on goal setting by mind tools to understand more on goal setting here:

Take action and start right now if you are looking to start from nothing in life

Once you achieve the required skill and fix your goals, don’t wait for anything and just start. Perfection is a myth and There is no ‘what if’ in the path of success. There are people who don’t like the greatest of all time. What would have happened if those great people waited for the approval of everyone around them? The only direction in life which will take you to your success is going forward.

Cut down your life into days and measure how it is going.

There will be small failures. Don’t take them into your heart. Make them your stepping stones. There will be small victories too. Don’t get them into your head. Focus on the ultimate goal and keep moving.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Life has a definite plan for everyone. It won’t be revealed until and unless you are ready. So stop comparing and focus on getting ready for what life wants from us.

If you want to start from nothing in life – Don’t listen to people

All people care is about your bank account and that matrimony column. What people saying is what they think you should be doing. It got nothing to do with who you are. That’s why all successful people keep reminding us to not to listen to the ‘ no – sayers’.

Spent some time with a baby once in a week at least

Kids know exactly how to be happy. They won’t judge anyone. They will teach you how to be productive when there is nothing much to look forward. Finally, kids are literally starting from noting in life. Choose some time to spend with kids and that time will make you a more happy person in life.

Follow those who have already done this before – They know the secrets to start from nothing and make it big in life

There are many people who have started from nothing in life and made it big. Elizabeth Gilbert and J. K. Rowling are only two of those great names. the internet sensation Jay Shetty and Vishen Lakhiani (the author of the book the code of the extraordinary mind) are good examples of such people who start from nothing and make it big in life.

Do start follow them. They can give big insights about the journey. Because they have been there and done all that before you and me.They have those answers which we are looking for.

There will be failures in your way – keep going and never stop until you reach your ultimate goals

There will be failures in your way to the journey of ultimate success. Most people fail in life because they do stop two or three steps before success. If you are clear about what you want from life, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Failures should be your stepping stones and not distractions in your journey to the ultimate success.

So this fourteen practical steps along with a never say die attitude and a mind set to keep learning will help you start from nothing and make it big in life.Do remember there will be small roadblocks on the way. But if you have the patience and will to accept them with grace and analyse and learn from them, They will become your biggest allay or steeping stones on your way to success.

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