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Why we should start to think beyond the organised religions?

Why we should start to think beyond the organised religions?

Organised religions can provide relief to human confusions sometimes. Religions also played a great role in the development of human culture. However, the origin of religions can be traced from the human needs of survival at the beginning of humanity. Certain rules were formed to help humans to survive from dangers. They helped to bring humans together and face the potential dangers for their survival and existence.

But we are not living in that unwritten historical time any more. We progressed a lot. But the problem is that we are still trying to cling on to that outdated rules even in the modern era. Religions are not progressing. Instead, religions are trying to impose those outdated rules stigmas or belief system even to the modern era of life where it actually outdated. Following are the reasons for organised religion becomes the biggest opportunistic force or a threat to humanity now:

Religion creates separation and violence between human beings

it’s been just a few months since a young man in Jharkhand in India got beaten up into death by a radical mob of self ‘proclaimed Hindus’. He got beaten up just because he refused to repeat their slogan ‘Jai Sree Ram’. This is not an isolated event. During the fast few years, there are countless incidents were reported, where mob decided to take the law into their own hand in the name of religion and god in India.

Holly war or Jihad had become the mother of terrorism and violence for many decades. we lost millions of life due to Islamist extremism during the past few decades. Similarly, many religion-based countries are literally applying ethnic cleansing around the world from decades now.

It is Saint Augustine and Saint Aquinas, who laid the foundations of” just war” doctrine. It is a noteworthy fact that every organised religion has played a huge role in many wars in history. Read more on how religious violence is on raise and what religions need to solve it in an article by the World Economic Forum:

How do religions cause or trigger violence? No organised religions never tried to improve themselves or change according to the needs of the time. Furthermore, strong belief creates cognition – limiting the ability to think flexibly and thereby creating narrower personalities.

Strong belief or organised religions are forcing people to go back to the stone age era where the rule for survival is to kill to be killed. Therefore it is casing people being polarised or having wrong or darker projections about people who are having a different set of belief system. Recommended reading:

Religions are men centred

Women or mother to be precise is the first Guru or teacher of an infant. She also got a huge upper hand over men when it came to birth and death of humans. Women got the immense capacity to bear pain or solving a complex problem compared to men. When it is about sex then women is an ocean where men are just a drop coming into that ocean. There are many more factors which give women a huge upper hand over men.

Men are egocentric and they always wanted to play God. He always wanted a world where he is the centre of everything. But men were always terrified by the upper hand which women had over him. So he used the religious rules to dominate women. They created a system where women become helpless and always in need of a man to survive. Freedom for women become taboo. He started to draw the lines where he decided what women should or should not be doing.

Men take the full advantage of the fact that women are slow to enter into the workforce or come out into social life. He made the world his own using the power of religions. Men made use of fear or lack of risk-taking mentality in women to make even women believe and follow these outdated and inhuman religious rules. Read more about the dangers of man-centred religions here:

Religions taking advantage of men’s fear and insecurities

Organised religions always take advantage of men's fear and confusions

What are the strongest and overpowering feelings in a human baby other than love? It’s fear. Human beings are full of fears. He is afraid of potential dangers to his existence. From the very moment when man first appeared on the face of each, he was afraid of the forces which are stronger than him. He tried to get friendly with them by making or calling them God. Human beings are and will always remain to be afraid of the possibility of being punished or being left alone.

Availability of resources and the presence of disease add fuel to his fears. Any establishment which wanted to help him should try to remove these fears by finding solutions to these problems. But every organised religion chooses to go the other way around. They try to take advantage of human’s fears by establishing one or more ‘ punishing Gods. Religions made people believe that diseases and death are results of his young doings and they will have to undergo severe punishments if they don’t follow religious rules.

Organised religions prevent logical thinking and thereby human progress

Human beings ask questions. Actually a lot of questions. All the organised religions are the results of logical thinking by one or more persons. But in their pursuit of establishing a punishing God, religions start to promote dogmas and myths. They started to view logical and scientific thinkers as a threat to their existence. These myths, dogmas and illogical thinking started to become a hindrance in the human’s progress. They stopped more people to come forward and start thinking logically. Because questions were punishable.

Organised religions promote laziness

Being responsible and logical in life requires work. It asks for discipline and sufferings. Humans will do anything to avoid both work and discipline from his life. The establishment of a ‘God’ or faith or karma which is responsible for all the sufferings or confusions in life help people to avoid work and legitimate suffering which is the base of all the human progress and wisdom humans could ever achieve.

This laziness is still standing in the way of human progress. Only when more people decide to come out and take things into their own hand humanity will be able to achieve its full potential. Laziness and myths supported by religious belief are one of the biggest force which is preventing more and more humans from being logical and responsible in life.

Organised religions make outrageous interfere in governments and policy-making

The history of India itself is a history of how a minority belong to higher cast or religions torture the rest of the population in the name of rules and rituals. Take a look at Islamic or Arabic countries and you can sean how outrageously religions are interfering in governments and policy-making the process.

All of these countries are using the card of religious beliefs to restricts the freedom of women and other minorities. They are putting restrictions on the freedom of expression or art. Religious belief has established a higher position even above the fundamental rights of people in all these countries.

We all know how a young dentist of Indian origin named Savita Halappanavar lost her life a few years back due to religious policy. She was refused given an abortion after having a miscarry for several weeks because it was illegal in a Catholic country like Ireland. Ireland changed those policies now. But nothing can bring back the young women into life again. Catholic countries are still reluctant to accept LGBT communities rights as they think it is against their belief.

Organised religions are causing an unethical concentration and wastage of money and power

In a country, like India where 60 per cent of the population is below poverty line young can found a countless number of churches and temples even made up of gold. This is the same everywhere in the world even from the very beginning of history. An unimaginable amount of money, food items and other resources are being wasted in the name of religions and rituals. A staggering $ 22 billion worth of gold jewels and statues being unearthed from Sree Subramanya Swami temple in Kerala.

The big question of how can we allow such a huge amount of money or wealth to be idle where the state has to depend on credits from foreign banks to meet its daily needs.

Organised religions are preventing people from understanding those great teaching by the great masters

We haven’t discussed the biggest crime of organised religions yet. The biggest problem with organised religions is that they are preventing people from understanding the great teachings of those people of great wisdom. Be it Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha or the great sages of India for that matter.

There is nobody else who understood more about the miseries and sufferings of human beings than Jesus Christ. He was all about providing his relief and love to people. Jesus Christ gives importance to humans above all rituals rules or belief. He tries his best to remove anything and everything which tries to humans as secondary.

Jesus was one of the first-ever people who talked about the importance of ‘ belief’ even before any life coaches or philosophers or psychologists in written or unwritten history. His teachings on the sign have great psychological importance.

There are many great books on psychology or success coaching and countless other subject-based on Jesus Christ teachings. My favourite The road less travelled by M. Scott Peck is only one example.

I have yet to come across anyone who tried to understand human confusions and suffering better than Gautama Buddha. Countless great Sadhus for thousands of years tried to find the answer to the great confusing questions of life. Vedas are holding answers for many human problems. This is the same as the cause of all those great teachers.

Organised religions hijacked and misused great teachings

But organised religions literally hijacked all those great wisdom. They not only misinterpreted those teaching for their selfishness but they try to eliminate anyone who tries to understand those teachings critically or logically.

These selfish or evil actions by the organised religions are not only preventing but also making thousands of people going away completely from these teachings. It seems like youngsters especially Millenials are not only moving away from the concept of morals and teachings but they have started to fearful of these teachings now.

What we have discussed here is only the tip of the iceberg. If Organised religions started to analyse and understand their own actions they could end being the biggest threat for humanity. It’s high time for religions to open up themselves to more scientific and critical reasoning. Every organised religion needs to change itself to the ever-changing needs of the time.

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Kadriana Wallace
4 months ago

I really like how you stood up for women💯 And saw things from their perspective. I do think this was a very well written piece and it sheds light in a lot of issues surrounding religion no one speaks about.

Dane Asmone
4 months ago

Hey Sarath,

Love this curated content ! Well written ..
I did check out your about us page and must say you have gone through life and come out in life as a strong man ..going through depression and all that in your life. Glad you are putting yourself out there man and keep doing what you do !

Good work !

4 months ago

Thanks for this ideas! 🙂

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