How to make your day super productive with a perfect morning routine?

A perfect morning routine is what all you need to make your day super productive and creative. First of all, why so much focus is given to a perfect morning routine? There are many reasons for this. The most important reason among them is – by starting a day right, you can maximise the effective time of positive influence on all your actions of the day. In other words, a great start to your day will increase your productivity for the entire day. Secondly, Your will power is at it’s highest level right after sleep. Thirdly a great morning routine helps to create a great productive chain of actions. Read more on the importance of a great morning routine here: The famous life coach Jim Kwik believes that first one hour of your day is the most productive hour of your whole day. So, a great morning routine will help you to make use of your higher level of will power and creativity. Recommended reading:

A great morning routine will increase your productivity and effectiveness in life. A great morning routine should look like the following:

Make sure that you sleep enough

Nowadays, there is too much focus is given on being an early riser. Of course, it’s great to be an early riser. But, above all, you have to make sure that you got enough sleep. Good sleep directly affect our mental and physical health. Our sleeping habit will affect our productivity, emotional balance and creative life. So, above all, make sure that you got enough good and deep sleeping time. Read the following article if you want to know how to correct your sleeping habits:

Make sure that you got one hour of personal time every morning

Be an early riser. Wake up and shine before everyone. It will do magic for you. But what if you are not in a position to be an early riser? Make sure that you got one hour of personal time which you can spend only with yourself all alone. However, try to wake up before 7 A.M. Being in solitude will increase your creativity and patience level. This solo time will help you plan your day. This time will make you calmer and will fill you with a feeling of joy and gratitude.

Hydrate yourself

Drinking a few glasses of water is the first step of a perfect morning routine.

Always drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will hydrate your body after long hours of sleep. A few glasses of water will make your brain work properly and it will strengthen your immune system. Drinking two or three glass of water as soon as you wake up will flesh out all the toxins from your body which stores in your body overnight. Read other benefits of having water first in the morning here:

Make taking a cold shower part of your morning routine

A cold shower in the morning will increase your blood circulation by encouraging blood to surround our organs. A cold shower in the early morning will also increase our oxygen intake. Taking a cold shower is always good for your skin and hair. Moreover, during sleeping time, rapid muscle growth takes place in the human body. So a cold shower in the morning can speed up muscle soreness and muscle recovery. It will also reduce stress.

Meditation and mindfulness practice should the cornerstone of your morning routine

Meditation is the core of a perfect morning routine

Neuroscientists discovered that meditation can increase your level of attention by physically changing the parts of the brain associated with it. Meditation will bring an overall sense of joy wellbeing and focus into your day. Mindfulness practice can be used to introduce two important fillers of a successful life into your day – gratitude and forgiveness.

Creative visualisation can be used as part of your morning meditation. This technique will help you to visualise and plan your perfect day and future. Recollecting our dreams or focusing on our thought pattern will help us to identify our need for improvement in a certain area of life. Read more about morning meditation and mindfulness practice here:

Include ten minute gratitude walk into your morning routine

Gratitude walk will help you to promote a postie mindset and will also help you to manifest future goals. Go outside and start walking slowly. Concentrate on the beauty of nature around you. This will fill you with a feeling of joy and gratitude. Start thinking about things you are grateful for in your life. This will prepare you to achieve your future goals. This practice will also help you to find happiness within your self or small things around you. People are attaching their happiness to their future and to other people. As a result, more and more people are ending up depressed or unhappy with their life. Read more about gratitude walk here:

Stretch your self and sweat it out

30 to 40 minutes of exercise every morning will bring a huge positive impact on your physical fitness. It will kick start and regulate your metabolism for the entire day. The workout will reduce the stress level. It will also increase the blood circulation level in your body. Create a work out plan which will suit your fitness goals and preferences.

Make 10 minutes of journal writing an essential part of your morning routine

Journal writing can be used to fix your goals for the day. It can also be used to set your boundaries or get clarity on things you wanted to avoid doing for the day. Writing out your thoughts will help you to reduce stress. It will also help you to fix your preferences in life. Journal writing will help you to regulate and analysis your own progress towards achieving your goals.

Read at least a few pages every morning

Reading will provide us with new ideas and opportunities in life. Reading in the morning will stimulate your brain and will help to reduce stress. The one common trait of highly successful people in life is their love for reading. Eion Musk reportedly learns how to build rockets by reading books. Bill Gates read about 50 books a year. Therefore reading is a proven attribute of success. Make sure to read at least 10 pages every morning.

Include those good habits which you intend to bring into your life to your morning routine

There will be some productive habits in everybody’s life which we always wanted to include but never able to do so. It could be reading, workout or learning some new skills. The best way to achieve them is by included them into your morning routine. Our level of will power and energy is at its peak in the morning. Therefore, scheduling those goals into your morning routine will give you the best chance to achieve them.

Don’t start your day with social media or gadgets

Social media is full of negativity. Furthermore, you shouldn’t waste your most productive hour and the peak of your will power in checking social media. A piece of single negative news or an unpleasant image in the morning can ruin your whole day. Social Media is mostly about seeking other’s approval. Don’t start your day depending on others.

All these habits have been scientifically proven to increase your effectiveness or productivity. However, it may not be possible to include all these habits into your morning routine all at once. Start from a few and keep on adding. This habits will not only make you productive and healthier, but they will also make you a more happy person.

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