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These are the 3 Types of People in the World on the Basis of Thinking Patterns

These are the 3 Types of People in the World on the Basis of Thinking Patterns

One of the most important ingredient to have a successful life is to fill your life with the right types of people. On the basis of how one chooses to react to life there are 3 categories or types of people around you. However, our personalities do change throughout life. In fact, one of the main purposes in life is to keep on learning and changing yourself accordingly. Still, you can only interchange between any one of the three personality types described below:

The Entertainment Seekers or Followers

This type of people is always in look for something to march towards or someone to lead them. Among the three types of people, this type is the majority in the world.

This type of people expect someone else to find their answers and change their life for them. The moment they feel like something or someone is going to make them happy, they will run towards it like a moth towards the light. This type of people always follows everything and anything as long as it’s not asking for any real sacrifice or action from their side.

This type of people is afraid of only one thing in their life – responsibility. Rather than taking responsibility for their own lives, they choose to play the blame game. According to them, ‘the system’ is at fault for everything wrong or painful in their life. If someone tries to break this notion by pointing out that the system is made out of them and they can change their life by taking the responsibility into their own hands, this type of people will get furious.

On the basis of thinking patterns, there are three different types of people in the world.
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This type of people will keep on changing their idols or ideologies without making any radical change in their thinking patterns, course of actions or their life habits. And what if they don’t get the desired results from it? They will find a reason for their pain in a force which is beyond their control. It could be God, destiny or even their circumstances.

The Core or the ‘System’ is the Most Adamant Types of People out there

This type of people is the rule-makers of the world. However, I am not talking about politicians or celebrities out there. I am talking about any types of people who know how to manage and manipulate the majority of people the way they want for their benefits. They are well verse of the psychology of the mob and they know how to manage or make it dance to their tunes. For making it possible ‘the system’ will create rules, standards, rituals or even cultures out there in the world.

This system stays alive by the power of people’s fear and dogmas or beliefs. Therefore, there are only one thing that these types of people are afraid of – questions. The moment someone asks questions and tries to modify or develop an existing system, these people will become alert. Because they know that questions are the starting point of all the changes. Questions will teach their believers to think beyond the system and can create dangers to their position and power.

Therefore, whenever someone asks the question, the system will use different types of fallacies and deformation techniques to turn the majority against the people who ask for changes. If it doesn’t work as expected ‘ the core’ group may go to the extent of eliminating their threats. If you go through history you will understand that the system had been successful in achieving their goal most of the time.

This type of people will not only eliminate questions and ideologies who try to change them forcefully but will also hijack their opposition and their ideologies and make it their own. Then the core will use the same forces which try to liberate the majority from the core as their own symbols and end up attracting more people towards their well-established system. I strongly believe that this is what happened to every enlighted people who try to ask questions to the system – be it Jesus Christ or Buddha or Cheguvera or Mahatma Gandhi.

You can think of many examples, but in all cases, the changemakers or their ideologies have always been hijacked by the same system which these enlighted people try to change. That’s what make these types of people invisible in the world. They are present everywhere, but they never have a face to be seen.

The Silent Force – these types of People know that the Real Change is Changing Yourself

This type of people is the biggest minority in the world. They are aware of everything. However, they will never judge anything. Because they know that sooner or later you will become what you choose to judge. These type of people will stay in the middle of everything but detachment is their way of life.

This silent force will work in silence in the background, liberating themselves from the chain of generations of ignorance. These types of people are forward-looking, scientific and spiritual at the same time. They know that nothing is permanent and they are always wrong. These types of people will ask questions to learn. Because this enligted people know that by challenging themselves, they are opening a new path for the future generations.

They are always in look for opportunities to learn and improve. This type of people can be easily identified from their open acceptance of ignorance and humbleness. Their focus will be on becoming the best version of themselves. They will never care about what the world thinks about them.

Why it is Important to Understand the Different Types of People in the World?

To be able to work for the betterment of anything, first of all, you need to know it in depth without judgement or need for control. Moreover, when you know yourself you know what to do, where to go and be with whom. It will bring in a lot of clarity and quality into your life.

Secondly, once you have clarity about the types of people in the world, you will feel secure and safe out there. The whole world will become an opportunity for you. This will fill you with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thirdly and most importantly, once you know the types of people in the world, you will have a clear idea of how to interact with the world. I always felt that Jesus Christ as a person, have a very clear Idea on the thinking pattern of human beings.

Jesus never talked to the ‘entertainment seekers’ directly. He always talked to them indirectly through stories. But he always felt a lot of love and sympathy for their situation.

However, he was very firm and sometimes were even furious with ‘the system’. Jesus never answered the system. Rather, Jesus always asked questions, even when he was being questioned. Because to me, he knows that they weren’t looking for answers.

If you go through life any enlighted people, all of them were very fond of those types of people who is ready to take actions and accept their ignorance. Jesus for instance, always declared to his pupils who were innocent and curious that the secrets of knowledge are meant for them.


On the basis of thinking and behavioural patterns, there are three types of people in the world. The first group follows everything and expects to change everything without any sacrifice from their part. They believe in magic. The second type of people know this psychology of the mob do manipulate the majority by declaring ” We got the solution for all your pain – buy us”. Then there are small amounts of people who realized that nothing is accurate or permanent. This type of people know that real changes start from within.

A proper understanding of different types of people will help you to surround yourself with the right people for you. Not only that, it will also help you to improve and keep learning by understanding the right ways to interact with the world. So, the big question here is where do you belong? Please let me know in the comments.

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4 months ago

I am such an introvert, so I am definitely the ‘silent force’ type but I believe all types are equally important.

Kadriana Wallace
4 months ago

I think this is a really educational piece, keep up the good work.

4 months ago

Interesting read! Helpful to know the different personality types to understand oneself and others to deal

4 months ago

Good one. I belong in first and third ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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