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This is How Limiting Beliefs Preventing you from Being Successful in Life

This is How Limiting Beliefs Preventing you from Being Successful in Life

Limited mindset or limiting believes are like a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in your brain which will make all your dreams and efforts disappear – if you don’t know to deal with it. They are the single most powerful force which can stop you from being the best version of yourself. Because no matter what your values are, they are going to determine who you are going to become in life.

“You are what you are, you are where you are because of what you believe about yourself.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza
– Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Therefore, no matter what you do, until and unless you recognize your limiting beliefs and eradicate them out of your life any change is impossible.

Limiting beliefs are our the prisons we create for ourselfs.

My Personal Definition of Limiting Beliefs aka what is limiting beliefs?

If you are new to this page, we are trying here to find an answer to the ultimate question of life – How to be the best version of yourself? And as I have already mentioned in the previous discussions; limiting beliefs are either the second-hand values or misconceived stories from our past experiences which are stopping you from going forth in life.

Limiting beliefs are the norms, stories, values, patterns, “fictional realities” or cognitive thinking errors which stops your progress or spiritual growth in life. Any feelings of fears which create self- doubts or low self-esteem comes within the definition of limiting beliefs too.

Limiting Beliefs will Create Your Reality

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

– Buddha

Whether you are aware of them or not, your thoughts will create your life. They will decide where you end up at the end.

Our thoughts create our feelings. And they, in turn, create our attitude towards everything and anything including ourselves. Your attitudes form our actions, interactions, preferences and choices. the result of all this is what your life or reality is. According to Joe Dispenza, the best selling author of Evolve Your Brain, our beliefs and state of mind is responsible for our automatic thought process. That’s why it is essential to recognize and eliminate our limiting beliefs. Because no matter what they are, we act and think in accordance with them.

People behave poorly when they believe things to be scarce. I strongly believed that ” I am very bad in relationship management”. It absolutely stopped me from meeting new people, taking a risk or even enjoying team works for a major chunk of my life. The result? I am still struggling to get out of that closed door.

This kind of scared attitude will prevent you from learning from your mistakes, developing any new prospectives, getting any new and improved values and information (after all you are not trying anything new at all). Certainty is the biggest enemy of progress out there.

Limiting beliefs may not be even logical – but it doesn’t matter

The evidence shows that we inherit and transmit behaviours, emotions, believes and religions not through rational choice but through contagion.

– Paul Marsden

Social contagion is the act of an idea spreading from mind to mind without due questioning. Most of our limiting beliefs are not correct either politically or rationally. Most of the time they are just ridiculous opinions without any scientific base too.

However, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether your beliefs scientific or just a creation of your imagination. It doesn’t count if it’s a positive or negative one either. As long as you are holding to a belief, it will become your reality. Because your brain feeds on and react to your thoughts and feelings, no matter what. Because your brain is not designed to be perfect it is evolved to be accurate.

Have you ever heard about the placebo effect? In simple terms, it is a method or phenomenon which is provided to create real physical result in areas like the medical field, only by positively changing a person’s mindset, beliefs or expectations from life.

In his book Sapiens, the best selling author, Yuval Noah Harari says – “Human language has a unique ability to convey information about things that do not exist“. However, according to Harari, these ” imagined realities” can control and impose force in the world, especially for those who choose to believe in them.

Limiting beliefs will Destroy not only your present but also your future

We remain at the bottom or rise to high positions, because of conditions we can control, if we desire to control them.

– Napoleon Hill

– Think and Grow Rich

Limiting beliefs create bad habits like laziness and excuses. They will force us to foolishly believe that our feelings and beliefs are the proper measures of our own limitations. However, more often than not, they are nothing but wrong assessments based on limited knowledge and defective reasoning abilities.limiting beliefs create pessimism and fear. They are the biggest forms of the laziness of the human brain.

Without progress or goals, there is no future too. Limiting beliefs will force you to think in the past, trying to predict future events based on your past experiences. Quantum physics asserts that when this happens our brain is in a survival mode and not in a creative mode. According to Dr Joe Dispenza, if we recreate our past sufferings trough our thoughts, the universe will respond to it by sending an event matching it. In this way, our limiting beliefs will hook us back to all the situations and choices that made our past into a mess.

My hope is that you understand by now that, it is impossible to create any future when you are rooted in your past.

– Dr Joe Dispenza

– Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

How do these parasitic thoughts become part of our life?

Parasitic thoughts? Yeas, I mean it. Because limiting beliefs are things which you believe and keep in your mind. Whether their origin is within or outside of you, they will stay there and cost you more than you can ever imagine. It can break you and destroy you unless you recognize and remove them from within.

There are mainly two ways in which limiting beliefs become part of our thinking patterns:

  • Through defective meaning-making mechanism and
  • Social contagion.

How many of you have friends, family members or colleagues who do believe that “all men/women are cheaters”, just because they had a bad experience in the past? This is just one common example of what is called ” black – and white thinking or all or nothing thinking in psychology. This kind of borderline thinking or limiting beliefs become part of our life as a result of some unexpected and undesired experiences in the past.

As Viktor Frankl says in his best-seller Man’s Search for Meaning, life is all about what meaning we choose to add to our life events. Otherwise, this kind of borderline thinking can result in narcissistic personality disorder or depression.

We all have emotional blind spots. Often that they have to deal with emotions that they have to do with the emotions that we were thought inappropriate.

Mark Manson

– The subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

How ever, In one of my favourite book, The Road Less Travelled, M. Scott Peck, says most of the ego boundaries or limiting believes become part of your personality before the first three years of your life. Dr Bruce Lipton also mentions in his book ‘ The Biology of Our Beliefs‘ that our limiting beliefs are formed from birth to around the age of seven. But why does our earlier childhood plays such a vital role in our beliefs system?

Humans are born underdeveloped. That makes it’s easy to manipulate, educate or mould into any beliefs that you want. More than that, your kids never listen to your words, instead, they will mimic your actions and your way of life.

In the first seven years of human brain function primarily in Delta (Birth to two years) or in Theta waves (two to seven years). When your brain is in Delta mode information from the outside world enters your brain without any critical thinking.

During the Theta stage, children will accept anything you tell them. I mean anything from ” Don’t be a loser like your father” to “I will be there for you always”. I hope you get the point.


Limiting beliefs are any thought pattern or feelings which is stopping a person from going forth in life. Most of them are either destructive or wrong assessments based on limited knowledge or reasoning abilities. But it does not stop your limiting beliefs from making you feel worthless.

Because our beliefs and thoughts create our feelings and our feelings and choices design everything we knew and call as life. Therefore limiting beliefs will make you a prisoner of your own past and destroy your future. That’s how our limiting beliefs will result in a limited life and an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness.

Now the question is how to eliminate this dangerous force from our life? We will be discussing it in the next week. Stay strong

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5 months ago

These are some good points. Our attitudes are so important.

5 months ago

This is a great topic to reflect on. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to try to reflect on this the rest of the week.

Delightful parenting
5 months ago

Awesome post, thanks, it helps to see the filters we wear and beliefs that have been limiting and constraining us.

5 months ago

What a blog post! Love that you are using a lot of quotes! Keep doing great work!

I actually convinced myself that our limits are just in our brains!

Ameya Mathur
5 months ago

Outstanding post! I will definitely bookmark this one for future reference 🙂

Careen Yoge Ndoke
5 months ago

Awesome write. Beautifully inked.
Keep up the good work!

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