Why the modern education system is making us all fail in life?

Our modern education is like a system where we put together lions and monkeys and teach them all how to climb a tree. Then we will go on and judge some of them as ‘ the smart ones’ and some as the ‘ good for nothing ones’ on the bases of their ability to climb a tree. This is how our modern education system is single-handedly making us all failures in life. Recommended reading: https://tearingshoes.com/depression-why-depression-is-a-positive-sign/

Following are the main reasons 8 reasons for the failure of the modern education system:

Modern education is not teaching us how to use knowledge

Once knowledge is acquired it should be put into use for a definite purpose through the practical plans. Knowledge is worthless unless we don’t use it to achieve a productive goal. Therefore to be successful in life you should know how to organise that knowledge into a definite plan of action. Unfortunately, modern education is yet to specialise on the use of knowledge.

The modern education system and teachers are failing in recognising and promoting real skills in Kids

We have been seeing stories on social media on a daily bases – how young people doing odd or small jobs becoming popular for their skills in the areas of music arts or sports all of sudden. Why these highly talented people never considered to pursue these skills as a career? Because our education system made this person and our society believe that these people are skill-less. They may not have an interest in history physics. Mathematical formulas may bore them to their core. So to our schools, they become average or dumb ones.

India produces 1.5 million engineers every year. But at the same time, employers are reportedly saying that not even 10 % of them have employability. This cause is the same in all other fields too.

Our Universities and teachers are unable to Change according to the needs of the time

Two to three decades back It was the need of the time that we pose a great memory. But now it’s the era of Google. Any kind of information is just a click away. But our universities are filling their syllabus with all those historical data.

It’s been said that 30 to 40 per cent of the future jobs will be jobs that don’t exist quite yet. There won’t be careers any more. Our kids need to be adaptive and quick learners. But do you think our education system is ready for it yet?

Lack of out of the box thinking

Edison bulb on chalk board  - Thomas Edison is a great example for failure of modern education .

“The best brain of the nation may be found on the last bunches of the classroom” – Dr A. P. J. Abdhul Kalam. Two of the greatest minds of all times Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein – were considered to be trouble makers by their teachers. Bill Gates never completed his graduation. What stands between this greatest minds and our education system?

We can trace the popularisation of the modern education system to the development of colonialization and factory revolution in Europe. Christian Missionaries had played a huge role in the establishment of schools in many countries. All these figures of authorities had something in common. They all need to develop a large group of people who will silently obey whatever being told. To them, people who obey without question become the best.

But in the real world what we need is out of the box thinkers. We need those curious minds full of questions and ideas. They are the one who is going to push human imaginations and development forwards. But to our modern education system, they will be’ the trouble makers’.

Modern education never focus on the development of Good listening skills

Could you name one skill which is most important for a success full life? What is the single most skill for a success full family life? What is the most difficult skill to develop? The answer to all this and many other questions in life is good listening skills. We can trace the root of all most every problem to the lack of good listening skills. Read more on the importance of good listening skills here: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ips/listening-skills.html

In schools teachers continuously ask for the attention of the students. We spent most of our learning time focusing on the development of other skills like writing mathematical and logical reasoning and speaking. But we knowingly or unknowingly fail to concentrate on developing good listening skills. Recommended reading: https://tearingshoes.com/how-to-be-the-best-version-of-yourself/

But in real life, we spent 45 to 50 per cent of our communication time listening. Good communication is the base of success in all areas of life. but we never got any good training on the base of any good communication – which is the ability to be a good listener.

Our modern education is developing an exclusive mentality in kids

First of all, we will start to separate our kids from each other by creating schools with different standards and facilities on the basis of their parent’s financial ability. Then we will separate the kids in the same classroom on the basis of their ability to understand what we want them to understand. By doing this, we are destroying the inherent skills In kids to love and accept everyone for what they are.

Well, what is wrong in that, right? This is this same ‘ exclusiveness’ which is the reason for the development of hatred politics all over the world, in recent time. Especially In counties like India and the USA.

The modern education system and our teachers are failing to understand the special needs of certain kids

It makes me really happy to see the big development in the are special care been given to the kids with HyperActive Disorders and learning disabilities in Europe and the United States. But in countries like India, these kids are still considered to be trouble makers.

In reality, these kids are highly skilful with the ability to change the world. It’s high time for our teachers to train in the development of this area.

Businesses modelling and political interventions In the field of education

Countries like Finland, have already developed an education system which overcomes all these shortcomings. But what makes stops this very effective system to become more popular and spring to all over the world?

The core feature of this education system is the elimination of business and private interest from the education system. This system also calls for a political system which will think only about the great future for its coming generation. Unfortunately, most of the world is still lacking in these areas.

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